Nature Photography Adventures Drone Policy

Drones present exciting opportunities to capture images from unique and outstanding perspectives.  They also have the potential to disturb birds and other wildlife, to frighten livestock, to damage natural and cultural resources, and to harm, annoy and/or violate the privacy of other people along their paths.

When drones are used during our adventures (not all of our adventures allow this), the goal will be to maximize the photographic opportunities, while doing our best to eliminate the negative potentials.

To that end, we will “set up to fly” in places where there do not appear to be conflicts with wild birds, other wild animals, or livestock.  We will avoid situations where other people may be annoyed.  We will keep drones away from natural or cultural features that could be damaged by a drone.  We will respect “no fly” zones. We will follow all local and national rules.

We ask that those bringing drones be skilled at their operation prior to arrival.  The wild environments we’ll explore with drones will present challenges that are not good learning circumstances.  There will be many situations where, if you “lose” a drone, it may not be recoverable.

(Image by Siggi Stefnisson)