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May 1-9, 2018 --- Extension May 9-13, 2018 - We have a sudden opportunity to add a small number of people!


Just hearing the word sums up visions of marketplaces, mosques, palaces, and the endless Sahara!  Join us in 2018 for a photography adventure in Morocco that weaves together all of that – and more!
2018 Itinerary

2018 rates:
$4,890 Double Occpancy
$5,990 Single Occupancy
Deposit: $800

$2,200 Double Occupancy
$2,600 Single Occupancy
Deposit: $400

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We’ll smell exotic spices permeating the air as we wind our way through the labyrinths of old cities, finding doorways and faces, tanneries and metalworkers, tagines and tiles, weavings and pottery, countless varieties of olives and dried fruits, modern cars and heavily laden donkeys… oh the list goes on!


We’ll visit Tangier, Chefchaouen, Casablanca, Fes, Rabat, Meknes, and Marrakech… seeking those special places that appeal to photographers and give us a great sense of Morocco’s unique place in culture, history, and geography.

Some of that will come in the form of ornate entrances.

We will also find mosques and palaces.

Ancient buildings we can explore with our cameras.




And, of course, the medinas and souks.

We have built and exciting extension, on which we’ll climb over the Atlas Mountains to dance up to the edge of the mighty Sahara.  We’ll venture out into the dunes on camel and foot, seeking the magic light of early and late day and the endless patterns created by sand and shadows.  We’ll sleep in tents, Bedouin style out in the dunes – in surprising comfort!

On that extenison, we’ll visit Ouarzazate, the Door of the Desert, that famous region where Lawrence of Arabia and a whole host of other films have been made.  Again, the ancient architecture in contrast with stark landscape will provide us with intriguing photography opportunities!

This is a great photography adventure for sharpening your skills of photographing people on the street – and artisans in the act of creating.  It will help you learn to simplify compositions in complex settings.  While you will want to “document” the exciting things you see, you’ll also want to create art from the rich array of colors and patterns that are woven into both everyday life and the special historical places we will visit.

We worked to sort through the many experiences we could offer you in Morocco to find those that present great photography opportunities.  While our guides will give us great insights into what we are seeing, they’ll also know that we come to create art and will work closely with Bob and Diane to facilitate photography opportunities.

Morocco is a kingdom, long allied with Europe and the United States.  It is the only country we have ever visited (including ours) where the people actively expound on the qualities of their leader and believe their government is working on their behalf.  It is a country proud of its religious freedoms and of the way every people who have passed through here through history have contributed to the creation of a very unique culture and society.

2018 Morocco Photography Safari

  • May 1-9, 2018
  • $4,890 Double Occupancy --- $5,990 Single Occupancy
  • Adventure begins Tangier, Morocco and ends in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Cost includes English speaking guide,photography guides,instruction, daily outings, lodging, breakfasts, most lunches, some dinners, entrance fees, adventure materials, related transportation.
  • Minimum group size: 6, Maximum group size: 12
  • Deposit: $800
  • Extension May 9-13
  • $2,200 Double Occupancy --- $2,600 Single Occupancy
  • Extension begins and ends in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Minimum Group size 4
  • Deposit: $400

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Explore Yellowstone's winter wonderland by snow coach, capturing images of pristing winter scenes, abundant wildlife, and exciting thermal features... We offer the best itinerary, the best oversnow vehicles, and a balance between wildlife, landscapes, thermal features, waterfalls, and macro photography! Join us!
Space Available
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Private Adventure
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Yellowstone Spring Photography Safari

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Space Available
May 18-25
This float plane-based adventure will take us deep into the Alaskan wilderness where we'll put ourselves in position for up-close and personal photography of bears fishing for salmon - and jostling with each other. This is a rugged adventure that will send you home with countless great images, both of the bears and of this great wilderness.
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Abacela Winery's Argentina Salta Highlands Wine and Photography Adventure

We're headed to Northern Argentina to explore some of the highest altitude/lowest latitude wineries on the planet - along with dramatic geological formations, archaeological sites, and Argentina's Altiplano areas!
Private Adventure
Nov 9-18


Timed to meet the great migration in the Serengeti, our safari takes you to some of the great parks and protected areas in northern Tanzania in search of lions, zebras, giraffes, cheetah, hyenas... Of all our itineraries, anywhere in the world, this one has the best reviews - and is a real life-changing experience! If you'll only be making one photography foray into sub-Saharan Africa in your life - this is the trip!
Space Available
Feb 15-26
For 2020, we have woven together an itinerary that gets us to some seldom visited parts of the Galapagos, some of our favorite places, and the spots where we can photograph penguins, tortoises, flightless cormorants, all kinds of boobies, breeding frigates, marine and land iguanas and more! We have 10 nights at sea! Don't forget that this trip always fills early - you won't be able to join it in the 12 months before departure!
Space Available
Apr 12-25