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Bob Harvey

Bob Harvey is at home in the natural world, happiest when walking down a forest trail, wandering along a secluded beach, or exploring a canyon, camera in hand. Bob's photography and communications skills, coupled with his love of the natural world, have led him to a career in tourism that has taken him to some of the most exciting natural photo wonderlands in the world.

Bob has taught photography for nearly 30 years, first to college students, then to people traveling to learn in special environments. His teaching is based on the fundamentals of photographic technique rather than "techno gizmos" or the latest photographic fad - and on knowing and seeing light and the natural world. Bob is equally at home with a view camera or a digital camera, and can plan for a "fine art print" or a "web image", weighing appropriate technical decisions along the way. His teaching technique strives to take the mystery out of photographic processes and free the photographer to interpret the scene.

Bob's photography has been seen around the world in publications, multi-media productions, books, and through the internet. Bob and his partner Diane Kelsay have co-authored several photography-based natural history books, which have received international acclaim.

Bob is an experienced natural history guide, as well as a photographic instructor. He shares his fascination with flora and fauna, geology, weather, and archaeology with those he is guiding and teaching.