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Diane Kelsay

Diane Kelsay is a professional nature photographer who focuses her talents and images on natural history and nature tourism topics. Her camera and professional activities have taken her to many of the most special natural and cultural areas on the planet.

Diane’s images have appeared around the globe in publications, books, multi-image slide presentations, and internet sites. She and partner Bob Harvey have authored and designed several books. Her photography and multi-media productions have garnered praise and awards. The books have received top honors. And tourism marketing publications using her work have consistently captured high national awards.

In all situations, Diane’s photography seeks to express her desire to share the art in her subject. She captures dramatic light, vibrant colors, unique patterns, and strong lines as she photographs the world without altering it. She loves to hike, climb, paddle, cave, explore her way to photographic opportunities.

Diane loves to teach photography to small groups out in the field, and to guide travelers through exciting natural and cultural experiences. She has led photography and natural history adventures and workshops since the early 1980s. She is passionate about macro photography, and enjoys introducing her techniques and visions of the close-up world to those wanting to learn it.