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August 19-30, 2024


Join us to photograph one of the Holy Grail Events in Nature Photography – The Mara Crossing!

Imagine a huge herd of wildebeest and zebras pressing up to the edge of this rushing river – until suddenly they begin to charge across. 

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2024 Rates

$13,250 each, Double Occupancy
$15,750 Single Occupancy

$1,000 Deposit with signup

2nd Payment - by 15 Feb 24
$3,000 each, Double Occupancy
$4,000 Single Occupancy

Final Payment due 30 Apr 24

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Crocodiles, like powerful submarines, move into the fray.  Panic grips!  Animals slip and others charge over them. 

It’s bedlam – amazing to witness and exciting to photograph!  One of those sets of memories that is never far from your mind – and always quick to the conversation.

A couple million wildebeest, traveling with at least half a million zebras, make up the Great Migration in the Serengeti.  They follow the smell of rains – as rains make grass grow – and pasture for all those hungry creatures.


In August and September, the Great Migration follows those rains north to the border regions of Tanzania and Kenya – the area of the fabled Mara River.  The Mara, a treacherous river in its own right, is home to a population of enormous Nile crocodiles – and the Crossing of the Great Migration is their annual feast!

The crazy thing about the Mara Crossing is the Great Migration isn’t just one big herd of animals, but many huge groups of wildebeest and zebras, all following their noses toward fresh pasture.  The river keeps getting in the way.  And they keep crossing it!

In all of that, there are bursts of intensity!  Moments when the water is frothing with crazy animals leaping in panic.  And moments when a crocodile moves into that melee!

Tanzania’s Mara River in the Northern Serengeti isn’t the easiest place to get to, especially with the photographic gear you and we like to travel with to capture special moments like the crossing.

We have navigated those issues with an itinerary to showcase the highlights of Northern Tanzania – and climax with the Mara Crossing, with the gear you will want to have. 

We’ll gather the group near the Kilimanjaro Airport outside Arusha in early September of 2021.  Then we’ll quickly make our way to Tarangire National Park – where we’ll find an environment dominated by giant baobab trees – and great herds of elephants drawn in this dry period to pools of water remaining in the channels of the Tarangire River.  We’ll photograph elephant interactions, a host of other animals, and search for lions, leopards, and cheetahs!

From Tarangire, we’ll make our way to the Ngorngoro Crater, a huge volcanic caldera chock full of almost all the animals one comes to Africa to experience.  We’ll work this opportunity hard, filling your cards with images – and working on your skills to get ready for the moments ahead.


Then, it’s out into the Serengeti.  Our next stop is in the Central Serengeti, where we will work the landscape to find great photographic opportunities with all sorts of hoofed animals – and all those creatures that want to eat them.  We’ve had success, here, in finding full prides of lions and cheetahs with young!


Then that last push – and we’ll set up camp in a great lodge near where the crossing events will unfold!  Every day we’re out, ready for the action, but also poised to take advantage of all the other photographic opportunities that evolve when rivers, large quantities of animals, groups of predators, and interesting terrain all come together.

We have built ample time in, at the crossing.  Sometimes conditions aren’t right and the animals balk at the rivers’ edge.  We will have plenty to photograph while we wait – but we don’t want to leave without witnessing the event that drew us here!

Then, it’s a flight back to Arusha, a day room at our arrival lodge, and a transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport for the journey home.

Some things to note:

First, we opted for quality lodging for this entire safari.  We’ll have long days out on safari – and we choose to put you in comfortable rooms, with guaranteed electricity for charging and downloading, and great meals.

Second, we opted to work our way to the crossing, showcasing other great parts of northern Tanzania – and, when we have finished at the crossing, to fly back.  That saves a long drive.  And, we budgeted enough that you have reasonable limits on your photography gear and personal needs.

Third, you should have internet access at most, if not all lodgings we have chosen.  Cell phone coverage in the Serengeti, however, will not be constant.

Bottom line:

Every night we'll have opportunities to download and recharge (that's an amazing accomplishment for a Tanzania photography safari).

We are set up for up to 5 participants plus one photographer guide plus a driver guide per vehicle. Everyone has both a window and an open top vantage point for photography.

Our lodging is always close to the action.

We (Diane and Bob) will work closely with the guides to assure that we get to great places in great light and take the time to work quality compositions and action (instead of lots of short stops with little opportunity to work the scene).

We're not there to fill a checklist - we're there to create amazing images. This safari is designed to accomplish that.

  • This adventure begins and ends at Kilmanjaro International Airport near Arusha, Tanzania
  • Group size is 4 minimum, 10 maximum with no more than 5 clients plus one photography leader in each safari vehicle
  • Every photographer has a window and an open roof with an unobstructed view toward subjects on his/her side. We reposition vehicles to give everyone a great view
  • Most meals included, most drinks on your own
  • We have worked to include electricity for recharging and downloading at every lodge
  • Limited number of single occupancy spots on this safari

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Nov 5 - 14


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Jun 15-25

Our Drones Photography Group is at it again! Back to Iceland to visit a number of unique sites, looking for great places, away from people, to position our drone cameras to capture unique angles. This time we'll find some great "interior" locations, some thermal features, some wild coastlines, and some exciting rivers. Waterfalls are always part of the game in Iceland - you'll be able to position your drone where no person has ever put a camera before. Bring your drone and come create great art with us!
Space Available

July 7-16

Turkey sits at a geographical crossroads, which means that, over history, many cultures have passed through Turkey, each leaving a distinct imprint on the culture and the archaeological record. Let's explore some of the great archaeological wonders - while putting ourselves in great positions make exciting art with cameras. Mosques, Fairy Chimneys, Ephasus, Istanbul, Aphrodisia, Pergamum, Assos and so much more.
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